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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 25, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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especially hard. good morning, everyone. i'm frank malacot. after quite a weekend,'s check in with lawrence. several, 50 plus after shocks? >> i was just going through and counting all of them. there's about 55. >> unbelievable. >> between american canyon and napa. also in sonoma. you can see just before that main earthquake hit everything was very quiet, now you've got the big earthquake, the ground continuing to settle in. more earthquakes will continue throughout the days ahead. out the door, things are calming out, kind of a sleepy start of the day. low fog moving through, that low pressure scooting to the east of us. that'll help keep the temperatures out a little bit. the clouds out over the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a mild 65 in san francisco. by this afternoon, we're looking at 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay and 60s along the coastline d. that earthquake wake you up? >> it did. i wasn't sure if i was awake
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already or the earthquake woke me up. it was pretty crazy stuff. there are still some damaged structured around downtown napa so they're telling foxes to stay away. some streets -- folks to stay away. this is between pearl and main and areas of first, second, and 3rd, closed between jefferson and softbol. a lot of those are keeping foxes and media and media crews because of some damaged roads. some damage was minor, but the damage on highway 121, all those areas have been temporarily repaired. it should be okay for the monday morning commute. also amtrak service including capital corridor, everything on track for bart, cal trans. some of that overnight road work is there blocking some lanes approaching downtown.
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the road work was cleared a while ago in san leandro but hopefully it will be cleared pretty shortly. it was closed broadway into downtown oakland. the drive time is about 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. it was scheduled to wrap up about 5:00 so hopefully they'll reopen lanes shortly. here's a live at the bay area toll plaza. obviously clear in the east bay into san francisco. your approaches are quiet if you're coming down the east shore freeway. drive times at the bottom of your screen. 19 minutes on westbound 80 in the cartinas bridge to the maze and eight act may be a little bit compacted because of that. everything else looks great. and a live look at the san mateo bridge, web 92, if you're trying to get out of hayward, taillights there is traffic in the westbound lanes. obviously the commute direction, 13 minutes between 8 act and the peninsula. if you're heading from the peninsula from 101 -- 880 and
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the peninsula. notice the most low sensors like we usually do coming out of the altamonte pass in tracy. mountain house to flynn, that's your latest k cbs traffic. 5:03 to the top story now. the powerful earthquake rattling the bay area yesterday. and kpix reporter joins you us live from napa where there's a lot of work to know done. morning, michelle. >> reporter: there is a lot of work to be done. you can see some of the damage to these buildings. a lot of that brick has fallen and parts of the roof and that eve have fallen. part of the buildings are deemed unsafe a little more than two hours after a 6.0 earthquake. you can see some of the trees,
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as well and some of the cars that were parked in this area around that time yesterday, early morning, some of them had debris fall on them, as well. we do know at this point, that at least 175 people were hurt due to this quake of one of them still in critical condition at queen of the valley hospital in napa a. we know a 13-year-old boy was taken to uc davis. he's in serious condition after of a chimney fell on him. some of the victims, it happened so fast they didn't know what hit them. we do be know most of the injuries were cuts and bruises from a lot falling objects, to broken glass. surveying some of the damage out here, as many as 100 homes have been red tagged. what that means is they're not safe to live in right now. a lot of people just couldn't in home right now and they're going to have to figure out what to do as far as today and a lot of these -- a lot of the downtown
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napa area, is cut off. we could barely get into some of these barriers because a lot of these buildings are deemed unsafe. frank. okay, michelle. thanks for that. let's go live to the anne with more on some of those red tagged buildings, some unsafe homes. >> reporter: and at last count the red cross said they had about 200 people coming to them needing some sort of help. that means 60 families. here's a look at some of the damage inside some of the homes. still waiting to be inspected this morning, this is the charter okays apartment -- oaks apartments. many of the 75 units were damaged by some extent of the earthquake. many people who live here headed to the red cross at crosswalk community church and everybody had a story to tell. >> the tv fell on my leg and i had my jewelry box next to my
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bed fell on my head. >> my fireplace fell into my living room and the house shifted off the foundation. >> reporter: now, many of those people are still waiting for inspectors to come to their houses to see if they're safe. that could take days. and as for these red cross shelters, a lot of people are trying to bring food. they don't want you to you do that. if you want to help, the best bet is to give a monetary donation to the red cross. live for kpix 5. >> were any of those people injured at all? >> reporter: i'm sorry, injured? >> were any -- >> are you asking about injuries? >> anyone in those homes injured?. >> reporter: there were minor injuries, bumps bruises, and laceration but none of the people we spoke with last night
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sustained serious injuries. you did hear one woman say the tv fell on her had. >> let's switch gears and head to vallejo. the cities there have been at least 41inglys that have been damage -- 41 buildings that have been damaged. this building has been red tagged. if you look on the roof, the adjacent building has a brick wall and bricks came crashing into the lower floor. there are no injuries but the public works department shut down the entire block and they're waiting for sunrise to come up before they complete their inspections to make sure the entire area of safe. we have some other footage in
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and around the city. most of the damage was done to brick buildings and chimneys. on mare island, they tumbled along nimitz avenue. and first methodist church, broken paster was everywhere and sunday service went on any way. >> i was scared out of my whits, yes, even though i've been in california my whole life. >> it was so close to home this tomb. >> there have been 16 water main breaks. >> reporter: and crews are busy getting to on those, as well, and county is sending out a couple of engineers to help the city out while they look for more damage. kpix 5. >> thank you, kit. the city wants anyone to think they may have a damaged chimney to call 911 and the fire department will come out and inspect it. the quake cause damage to parts of state highway 12 and 121. the asphalt cracked on other
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parts of the roadways, as well. cal trans made temporary repairs. they say there's no significant damage to any of the local bridges, as well. crews are working to repair more than 60 broken water lines in the napa area. in some cases, water was sent up to the asphalt on to the street. hundreds of homes don't have running water and some may be without running water for a week. three dispensing stations in the area, napa stadium, and has flores, and pearl and main street. people need to bring your own contain education. and from chopper 5, yesterday afternoon, beautiful church, number of stain glass windows were blown out and an entire wall was compromised at that
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church. it's likely to be weeks before damages repaired near the epicenter, a little south of napa. the tower out of commission, all the windows blown out. faa says the airport will stay open for the time being and it will operate like it does at night. pilots will be working with one another. time now is 5:10. and drug companies have developed a virus to slow down the rapidly spreading ebola virus coming up. >> the earthquake hit and many are left without water. >> we're starting out with foggy skies around much of bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and some of the slow downs right now if you're coming out of the altamonte pass, very heavy delays from tracy, out to north flynn. we'll get a check of roads
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'westin verasa ... then the hotel hustled everyone outs the earthquake a pipe, causing . flood. fire alarms went off in the
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wey stin veraza -- westin veraza. let's go north to napa. michelle getting the very latest on the quake the day after. michelle. >> reporter: yes, frank, you can look behind me a day after, and all of the damage done to this building. this is on second and brown in downtown napa a, and this is familiar scene if you just go down the street in downtown napa you see a lot of debris out on the streets. a lot of bricks from that building have fallen. this is a car pay did i emrestaurant -- carpe diem restaurant. this is the earthquake here. a lot of the wineries here were hit, as well. barrels everywhere, gallons of red wine spilling all over the floors in some wineries. a storage tank cracked spraying everywhere creating a bit of a wine lane in some of these
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wineries and it's a little early to put a complete price tag on it, but of course the damage could be in the hundreds and thousands. one of the big problems that people had after the earthquake hit yesterday was water. residents were really scrambling to get some water and row better a -- roberta is in studio with more on that. >> neighbors in nappar pulling their resources -- napa are pulling their resources together and stocking up on water so they can wash, flush and drink. water was turned off yesterday afternoon and city workers say it could be days before it's running again. some neighbors also filled up at a fire hydrant which the city did allow. it is important for people to know if they do want water, they need to bring their own containers.
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>> we trapped the water that's going down the road here and we put it in garbage cans and have it up here in case -- we were told we might be without water for a week or so. >> the city of napa's giving away water free of charge and residents who have water flowing from their taps you don't need to worry about purifying it. the public works director says it is safe to drink, there is no need to boil the water and the water treatment plants say they are not effected. live from the news room, roberta gonzalez. 5:16. let's talk traffic and i know the earthquake is effecting traffic in napa isn't it? >> yeah, it should be pretty easy to get around for the morning commute if that's your big concern. the highways, major roads, everything is open. you they were able to make some temporary repairs yesterday. all of those roads are open. it's really just around downtown napa where you just saw michelle live. that's where all the street
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closures are, that's where the damaged buildings are and telling folks to avoid. main street between 3rd and pearl, first, second, 3rd, those are all closed between jefferson and amtrak and ace trains, everything is back on track today. they went through their inspection process to bart. everything mass transit should be good to go. the rest of the bay area, here's a live look at westbound 580. we're seeing the monday morning commute. 580 and 205, the commute begins in tracy around mountain house and continues sluggish to north glen. fortunately no incidents once you hit the dubland, and here's one more quick live at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a breeze heading into san francisco from the east bay. your latest on your forecast now. >> all right. standing on shore this morning, into the bay, it looks like it
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should be a pretty nice day. maybe slightly cooler than yesterday. and inside the bay you've got that weak low. you can see it sliding to the east of us now. that is going to help cool down the temperatures just a little bit. i think by the afternoon, still a whole lot of sunshine coming our way. things heat up, maybe to the mid-90s. window once this low kicks up -- once this low kicks up, our temperatures start to warm up towards wednesday and thursday some of those temperatures, make mid-90s. you'll find some mid-90s. starting out with some low clouds. otherwise lots of sunshine into the afternoon, in what looks like very nice temperatures. highs today, ranging from about 77, and 67 degrees in pacifica,
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east bay temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and inside the bay, 68 degrees in san francisco, 72 in alameda, and 73 in oakland. in the next couple days temperatures should begin to warm up a bit, maybe some 90s towards wednesday and thursday and this next weekend could get interesting. want to get back to the quake here real quick. this is a map of the intensity of the earthquake that hit in napa. 3:20 yesterday morning, it looks like most of that damage was centered towards that area. compared to the prieta earthquake, of 6.9, but much more widely spread dam aj damage for the area area. it deposit -- damage in the napa valley. not only is it important how strong but the type of soil
5:20 am
those buildings are built on. brown street sustained all that image. i'd be curious to see what's below there. >> if what's sandy, that stuff just liquifies. >> did you feel it? >> woke me you up. i started to walk around a little bit and check things out. >> okay, thanks. new this morning, jan an says it's ready to -- japan says it's ready to provide an unapproved drug to fight the ebola drug. they're in talks with fda to treat ebola, and influenza viruses. they have similar make ups. the health organization it is ethical to use ebola drugs on the magnitude of the recent outbreak. 5:20, earthquake turned streets into sidewalks and playgrounds. details after the break. stay right there. >> and no damage on the roads of sonoma for the irl event and
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if you're leaving hayward, we'll let you know which routes are best for you coming up. good morning, a's placed sean doolittle on the 15-day disabled list with an injury to his right side. dallas braiden back at the colosseum, sunday night baseball, hamilton smacks a two run in the 3rd. and seven runs in only three plus innings. l.a. won 9 to 4. they lead oakland with a one game lead in the west. jeremy faced five batters in the 6th, failed to get a single out. nationals in the final three innings. they went 14-6. san francisco four and a half back of the dodgers.
5:25 am
the 49ers finally hit pater. san francisco beat san diego 21-7. they're going to wrap up the pre season thursday night in houston, and a grand prix in sonoma, the 35th career victory moving to 5th place all-time on the irl circuit. several drivers were awakened and had to evacuate. dennis was in sonoma. and slept right through it. on meadowbrook drive, they grabbed their skateboards and turned the damage street into an in promptu skate park. >> reporter: live in vallejo, the quake shut down an entire
5:26 am
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at . with the future of so many homes in napa damaged by the earthquake, the future in limbo. a lot of folks reaching out to the red cross this morning for help. >> and live in vallejo where this city had its fair share of earthquake damage, as well. we've got a live report coming up. >> and we could still expect some more earthquakes, plus the weather across the bay area, and
5:30 am
some heat coming away. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far see something slight delays beginning to build at the bay area toll plaza. coming up. >> and good monday morning, today, everybody will be talking about the big quake that rocked our world over the weekend. kpix michelle gallego jones us from downtown napa. >> reporter: good morning, frank, you can see that there is a lot of damage here in downtown napa. shortly after that quake hit at 3:20 yesterday morning, about 70,000 pg&e customers were without power but crews have been working tireless three to try and get that power on and we have pg&e spokesperson brittany mccanny with us this morning. you have been working really hard. >> we have crews throughout out napa county who have been working throughout the night to restore customers as quickly as
5:31 am
possible. we have 150 customers who remain without power. we're working to get them restored, as well. >> so from 70,000 to 150? >> that's correct. many of us first the quake and we knew our job is to respond. we had crews in the area working throughout the nate to make sure to get cust -- make sure to get customers restored. >> we communicate with customers and want them to know that we have crews in the area we're working to get power restored as quickly as possible and we want customers to know we have other services we're offering. for instance, we have a courtesy gas safety check and customers can call pg&e and we'll send a representative to make a courtesy check. >> and we had a couple customers who called pg&e that smelled gas odor and that's what we want customers to do. if you smell gas please call 911 and pg&e. we'll send a representative out right away to make sure the
5:32 am
area's safe and secure and make repairs if necessary. >> and when do you think power will be up for those 150 customers? >>. >> we're we're working through the afternoon. >> 150 pg&e customers without power. >> reporter: a huge defense from yesterday when there were 70,000 people without power. and a lot of -- we know there was a lot of damage to a lot of the buildings and homes and many people are turning to the shelters and a lot of people more than 170 we know have been hurt. ane is live at the hospital. red cross said 234 people have signed up for help of various levels. >> reporter: 72 families right
5:33 am
now in need. michelle kidwell showed up the devastation. >> it's torn up. kitchen's destroyed, tvs are broke. >> michelle and her granddaughter and daughter live in the charter oaks department. many of the units devastated. >> it's pretty devastating trying to get out and get food and water. >> they don't feel safe in their apartments so they head to the shelter at crosswalk community church. >> have to go get a bag and all that. >> the red cross can house up to 100 people overnight at the church shelter, and providing food and mental health counseling. many people came with stories of survival. tv fell on my leg and my jewelry box fell on my head. >> i'm cover wood soot because my fireplace fell in my living room, and my house shifted off the foundation. >> she plans to stay at her home
5:34 am
even though it's not been inspected. many quake victims have come to the shelter since they have no water or food at home. >> i don't know what we're going to do at night. we may be asleep in the yard. >> reporter: and many of those people are still waiting for inspectors to come to their homes. it could take you days for it to actually happen. michelle. >> and anne, you would think a lot of people have earthquake insurance on their homes but that in fact is not the case. >> reporter: no, it's not. unfortunately, a lot of the people that live in that apartment complex are low-income people, and it just doesn't add up with the low-risk of an other wake compared with the high premium. a lot of them opted out for the insurance and they're out of everything. >> reporter: anne, it's very expense and i have that could change following this earthquake, and anne live in
5:35 am
napa. thank you very much. another place that got hit hard, was also vallejo. kid is in vallejo surveying the damage there. >> good morning. 41 buildings damaged in the city of vallejo. this city has been red tagged after bricks fell on to the roof of that second floor and the bricks crashed to the first floor. amazingly, nobody was hurt because this building is unoccupied at the time. the block has been closed off as the public works department will be unspecting buildings in this entire -- inspecting buildings in this entire area. mare island, we've got some footage of that. take a look. >> the earthquake damage, dozens of structures, most visibly on mane avenue, crashed on on to
5:36 am
nimitz avenue, and they feared these decreped buildings could give way any minute. >> i was scared out of my whits. >> scared diane dutar said because of the damage that was done to her church. it brought down the bell tower at first methodist church and plaster was sprinkled throughout the pulpit. sunday service will be held any way. >> it was so close to home this time. a block away a smattering of buildings were evacuated and deemed unsafe. one entire block closed off while maintenance crews checked if are more danger. >> and vallejo had 16 water main breaks and stepped up police patrols and the county will be sending out engineering and inspectors to help out. we're live in vallejo. kit do, kpix 5. >> and this is a good reminder for homeowners who think they
5:37 am
may have suffered structure damage to their home and chimneys. if it looks unsafe, call 911 immediately. fire crews will respond is assess some of that damage to deem it safe or unsafe. and frank i have to tell you i loved in the bay area for two a half years. it was quite the jolt in the middle of the night, heart my daughter scream and ran to her room. >> it was a scary situation. let's come back into the studio and talk a little weather. i know you felt it, as well and i guess feeling after shocks, as many as 50 so far? >> i've got 55 after shocks already. we're probably going to have left-hands before we're all done with this whole set of earthquakes. >> and what could be bigger? >> there's high possibility if this could be a four shock coming our way.
5:38 am
things very unsettled. the ground has continued to move. there's 5 to 10% chance we could see a magnitude six or greater and that's why many of those buildings are shut down. any substance could bring down a lot of the bricks and buildings. there's also a 36% chance of a magnitude few of in the next six days so the danger continues as we get further in time of course it will continue to decrease but like i said, likely to see hundreds of after shocks. the largest so far is's 3.6. still more to come. all right. around the bay area today low clouds and fog, an area of low pressure moving just to our east. looks like by the afternoon, skies will clear out, although clouds generally in the 50s and 60s outside, i think by the afternoon though we'll find some sunshine and 70s and 80s inland, maybe slightly cooler than yesterday. 73 in oakland and about 68 degrees in san francisco.
5:39 am
let's check on the roads with elizabeth. thank you lawrence. to napa we go. if you're trying to commute t should be okay. there was some damage to highway 121. they did give the all clear. all the highways and major roads, everything gets two thumbs up. it's really around downtown city streets. you saw damaged buildings, and buckled street asks sidewalks. main street remains -- streets and sidewalks. 50, second, 3rd, shut down between jefferson and sofscul. mass transit back on track including amtrak and ace. here's a live look outside. bay bridge toll plaza, obviously some delays. definitely beginning to build in those cash lanes. that is your latest. back to you. thank you, liz. one of america's biggest restaurant chains is looking to grow. joe wagner, cbs money watch joins us on this monday live in
5:40 am
new york. good morning. >> morning, frank. burger king may be heading north. the fast food giant is in talks to buy tim hot ons based in canada -- hortons. burger king will reportedly move headquarters there and that would let burger king take advance of the lower tax rate, it would be the world largest fast food largest chain. last week was a strong one for the markets overall. on friday, the dow finished down about 38 points and the nasdaq rose six. want to check in early at a hotel or use an in room space? it actually could cost you extra. a new study by a professor at fyu hospitality, the hotel recommendation will bring in $2.5 billion in hotel fees doubled out of a decade ago. customers get charged for
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removing a mini bar, and san francisco, you'll get charged $20 a night for a, quote, urban fee and using the internet, make local phone calls, getting newspaper. >> there's always something when you check into the hotel. >> r. a star bucks is bringing something back a little bit early. pumpkin spice lattes are back a little bit early. there's always a cash. it isn't even labor day, but star bucks is thinking fall. the coffee company moved up the launch date for its popular pumpkin space latte to tomorrow. the customer has to use a secret password to unlock the drink. that'll make it available to unlock the store. star buck has been tweeting the clue -- starbucks has been tweeting to people the secret word. >> i looked. i have no idea. >> what are they, 500 to
5:42 am
600 calories a pop? i think i can wait a little bit. >> yeah, especially until after the summer. >> absolutely. okay. joe wagner, live for us from cbs money, monday in new york, thanks, jill. it is 5:42. wasted wine after a we take a look at the damage at napa valley winery when we come back. ,, ♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪
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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. their visit to wine countrys weekend. guests at the "westin verasa" in napa were shaken awake by the earthquake.. . alarms went off. everybody s some tourists will never forget their visit. some guests at the napa veraza, and the fire alarms went off. everybody had to be evacuated. hotel hallway was flooded because of you a broken pipe. people spent much of the day cleaning up broken glass and other debris. we're joined live by michelle in
5:45 am
downtown napa where most of the damage happened. michelle. >> reporter: frank, you can see a lot of that damage behind me. we are on the corner of second and brown in downtown napa. this is a familiar scene. look at any of these buildings and you see many of them have suffered damage just like this. a lot of brick has fallen on to the sidewalks as you can see. trees have been torn apart because of this falling debris. on the corner there is the carpe diem restaurant and that is deemed unsafe. you can see the police tape to show everybody they are not coming in. in fact, many streets in downtown napa are closed. all of those tourists cannot come into downtown. now the wineries are just starting to calculate their losses. cell phone footage that we've seen shows hundreds of gallons of wine just floating literally down the drain. many vineyards like the one at robert bail, a storage room,
5:46 am
they were leaking wine. that means they're looking profits. to give you some prospective, at that winery, each barrel can fill up three hundred bottles300 bottles. that is 300 bottles down the drain. there's the month which he will low -- monticello vineyard. they put the losses of many in the hundreds of thousands of and that number will grow as they really start to assess the damage at these vineyards vineyards. >> you finally booked that dream trip. nobody died, but everyone seems to be doing well. >> thanks for that report. all the highways are open in the greater napa area, but the
5:47 am
accident up there, as well, right. >> this reported a couple minutes ago unfortunately, it is an overturned vehicle. now this one, so the other one's cheer, highway 128 at 121, car on its roof, blocking the roadways. just a head's up if you're traveling in napa county. for the most part, as frank mentioned, all the highways and major roads are open. they did some temporary repairs. everything is pretty good. no real issues getting around for the morning commute expect if you're getting down to downtown napa. they're trying to keep people away from those damaged buildings, buckled sidewalks and main street closed between pearl and first and second and of course 3rd. here's a live look at the bay area toll plaza. they turned lights on in the last few minutes so now you're stacked up to the over crossing, at latest ten minutes to get you
5:48 am
to the bridge. and i've got to stay, we are getting first reports of a crash, northbound 880. i'm not saying if the two lanes are blocked. the camera is south of the high street exit near the oakland colosseum. the accident's reported about here where our camera is approaching that high exit ramp. they're saying two lanes blocked. in the meantime, southbound 880 looks okay. there is some overnight road work if lanes, as well approaching 29th as had you head closer to downtown oakland from the colosseum ask mass transit including amtrak -- and mass transit, including mass transit, and bart system wide is on time. your latest forecast here's lauren. >> a lot of clouds and fog swept on shore this morning. temperatures slightly cooler around the bay area today as high pressure will take another
5:49 am
day to strengthen. low pressure sliding to the east. may help to kick up the breeze. patchy low clouds and fog, mostly sunny and a little bit cooler by the afternoon. then looks like high pressure starts to build in. there's that ridge off the coastline. finally pacific ridge building ins are out of the desert southwest. pacific ridge is building in, that'll warm the temperatures up, maybe some mid-90s in our local valleys. today, nor degrees, 86 in sacramento, 69 in the monterrey bay. low clouds and fog giving way to some sunshine, maybe a little bit drizzle near the coastline, and lots of sudden shine in the afternoon. really the temperatures's going to be pleasant. 74 in union city, breezy, 76 and breezy also into a hayward. a lot of 70s and 80s inland, then inside the bay, we'll look at those temperatures in the 80s
5:50 am
and some 70s. as we look forward the next couple days that ridge will strengthen our temperature warming up and partly cloudy skies. we've got some subtropical moisture coming our direction. of course we've been talking a lot about the earthquake here, and there was a chance of more earthquake. and that's just kind of what we live within the bay area. we love to be someplace where we didn't have all these author quakes but faults littered everywhere. we sit on the boundary between the pacific plain and the north american plate sliding to the south. we've got the hayward, the san andres, the west napa fault we've been tracking. there's about a 33% chance that we're going to see a major earthquake, 7.0 or >> and you're counting after shocks at 50 plus?
5:51 am
-- 70 .0 or greater. and the earthquake knocked out a tower out of commission. many of the windows as you can see, bloeven out. the airports very, very close to that epicenter. for the most part, people in the bay area were awakened by the earthquake after three, even though who are far from the epicenter, but not this little baby. this is in san francisco. some surveillance video posted on youtube video captured the whole thing. ignorance is bliss. ,,
5:52 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at . high pressure trying to get here. but not today. we've got that low passing over our east. lots of fog this morning. >> and checking the ride to work, we started early with the altamonte pass, we're already close it a half-hour past that interchange. monday drive to work is all
5:55 am
coming up. >> it is monday. okay. top story next, yesterday's earthquake. michelle live in downtown napa. the clean up continues. >> good morning, michelle. >> reporter: and this is going tieb big clean up effort. frank you can see that a lot of -- going to be a big clean up effort. these are falling bricks from downtown napa. the damage to this building, you can see a lot of the bricks and the roof have fallen on to the sidewalk. napa is in a state of emergency. the quake youred -- injured at least 175 people, including three hurt, queen of the valley hospital, one person is still in critical condition. and most of the others they have bumps, bruises or cuts from falling objects. about 100 buildings at this point are red tagged what that
5:56 am
means is they are not safe for people to go into. now, pg&e crews restored power to 99% of customers in the area. we just talked to a spokeswoman for pg&e and she says 150 customers are still without electricity, but that is great news because that's down from the 70,000 right after the quake hits. and coming up at 6:00 we'll show you the clean up and recovery efforts underway in napa right now. we're also going to check in on some areas in the east bay that took significant damage. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
hundred people hurt. the bay by its biggest . earthquake in 25 years. homes are destroyed, and roads are buckled, almost 200 people were injured. the bay area rocked by the biggest earthquake in some 25 years of the of.
6:00 am
parts of a church in downtown napa -- 25 years. parts of napa is in danger of collapsing. good monday morning, as well, it is 6:00. it is the day after yesterday. the magnitude effort, the clean up, and all the damage up in the north bay. we're joined live in napa for a new hours. michelle. >> reporter: frank, i'm on the corner of second and brown in downtown napa, and i've been showing you-all morning the damage behind me to this building. you can see there's restaurant right on the corner and then this wells farg ooh home, mortgage center, but this similar scene through -- wells fargo home center. you can see a lot of the debris, some of the roof had fallen down, and all of the bricks


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